About us

A company on a human scale, with values....

Tadaris is an innovative player offering solutions for surveyors, engineers and other trades that require precise measurements in the field.

Co-founded in 2018 by two brothers, agricultural engineers, Tadaris is the result of months of development of what was an idea scribbled on a notebook.

Our aim is to provide an innovation that puts the user in the spotlight by providing modern, simple and practical solutions to help them do their job.

Created in Provence, a region full of colours and landscapes, the startup Tadaris is nevertheless a resolutely European company, in the spirit and through its team and its partners (France, Spain, Belgium...).

Tadaris' ambition is to provide you with quality solutions to make your daily business easier and more efficient.

If you want to experiment with another way of doing your work, don't hesitate any longer... 

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« The secret of getting ahead is getting started. »

Mark Twain

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