Arpengo, the android application for your field surveys

Due to the complexity of many tools used in topographic measurement, TADARIS wanted to put the user experience back at the heart of its solution proposals.


The first solution we provide is a topographic measurement application:

Arpengo ®

Formed with the verb "arpenter*" of the Gallic arepennem (piece of land) 

which refers to the measurement of a terrain

and "go" that inspires action, that of moving forward in a direct and rapid way.

Arpengo ®  is an application under Android and iOS* that helps simplify the work of topographic surveying with the possibility of getting away from the office thanks to drawing and on-site calculation options on the device.

A 3-in-1 solution :

Arpengo ® allows you to carry out the 3 phases of your measurement project with the same device:
the collection of your points, data processing and drawing thanks to the integrated CAD module.

A simple and intuitive solution:

Arpengo ® is deployed and executed on your tablet, through a fresh, intuitive and clear interface.
The general ergonomics of the interface makes the use of the tool easier because the user is guided step by step. In addition to the use of touch and native Android features such as the camera, microphone for voice commands, pinch zoom and flexible map backgrounds.

A compatible solution:

Because the time of imposed marriages is over, because emancipation and flexibility are in line with the time, every surveyor, technician, decision-maker or operator has the right to choose his hardware independently of the software that drives it.

This is why Arpengo ® is a product designed to be compatible with all geodetic measurement equipment brands (GNSS antennas, total stations).

* version in progress


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