• Tadaris

Hello world! Here we are...

What a pleasure to launch this blog and finally reach out to you, dear readers!

Yes, what a pleasure and excitement to be able to share with you practical information on geodesy, topography, Geographic Information Systems and many other subjects... but also our thoughts, our favorites and (possibly) our outbursts. And from time to time to talk about us, but not too much... promise!

We are a young company, creative, enthusiastic but nevertheless composed of people with experience and from the field.

Created in mid-2018, after almost a year brainstorming, designing and developing a field survey solution, Tadaris finally came out of the shadows at the InterGeo 2018 trade fair in Frankfurt. Amine, one of the co-founders, probably with thousands of kilometers of surveying and hundreds of hours of technical support to his credit, is an inexhaustible source of information on the issues encountered in the field during topographic surveys or related tasks. Amine tells so many stories about it that he could easily write a book!

Aware of this reality and the different pain points expressed by the end user, we wanted to rethink the way of working and developing solutions in this field by repositioning users where they should always have been: at the centre of our concerns.

Now that we are in broad daylight, you will see us more and more often on social networks, thanks to this blog.

We therefore have relatively little to say about Tadaris (for the moment), but much more about the business, its practice and our vision of its future.

Thus, in accordance with our second stated value (integrity), we will strive to make this blog a collection of quality articles, written with care and keeping you, dear readers, in mind.

A blog that will inform, question and even entertain you... we promise you that!

Let the fun begin:)

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